Design Entry

I love to create in just about any way possible. Sometimes through design, text, drawing, and so forth. One lesson that has gone far with me as an artist is to always share growth of creativity with other creatives. Photography wasn’t my main interest growing up, I loved carpentry and architecture; believe it or not. I’ve stayed connected with a colleague whom I call my friend; Israel Guevara, I’ve known since high school & he is currently enrolled at Sci-Arc and is a very talented architect & designer himself.

Design 01

Design 01

His sculpture was selected for top design at Sci-Arc as a public space or community center. The craters on the bottom are holes that a hilltop would have with simulated agriculture around the building. The sculpture as a whole is unique and yet using your imagination could be cost effective in the long run creating something artistic and useable for a creative center.



Another type of design that I fully appreciate and enjoy are through fashion and products. Denim is a good example of something that can have just about thousands of creations and possibilities. The newest item to start a creative trend in my opinion are the flyknit’s. Bringing grandma’s style back in the coolest way, no she didn’t sew my shoes together but I sure like to dream of it in some century that could’ve happened.

Nike Flyknits; ©Sosaphoto 2016.

Nike Flyknits; ©Sosaphoto 2016.

I’ve always been keen on showing off my treasures, but to show off someone’s else’s treasure and masterpiece is what I appreciate the most. The craft to create something and see it from beginning of design to ending where it’s fully developed into the baby you have raised into childhood is quite a remarkable feeling. Lately I’ve had this tone of being hard on myself, hard on the work I create. As an artist you’ll always be your harshest critic, to get away from this I like to digest what I’ve created and let it sit until I finalize my projects. Let’s call it the darkroom time. You’ve gotta wait until your prints are done in the stop bath to fully see the final image you created. No project is ever complete but I’m always growing to become better, just like all of us are growing to become better individuals each and everyday.

Nike Flyknits; ©Sosaphoto 2016.

Nike Flyknits; ©Sosaphoto 2016.

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Back In Action

Coffee is all around being. Café is all around culture in my family. It’s hard to have a creative project without getting coffee of any sorts involved. It lands itself as the starting ignition to every beginning or ending if it’s in the right dessert.


Alfreds In The Alley

On this assignment, I traveled to Hollywood to photograph a unique way to serve coffee. At Alfred’s in the Alley espresso cups on the go are best served with an edible treat. No matter the time of day, there’s always a place and time for some recharge that let’s you consume each drip to the very essence.

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Remember the memories that created you and stood by you to become the person that you are. I love sports, and seeing your child hood icon close out his final chapter in his playing career is a big phenomena that lasted around the entire NBA. Kobe Bryant will forever be missed and is known to me especially; as the greatest of all time.


Iphone-ography at it’s best.

For this trip, I traveled to Milwaukee, which is about a 90 drive north of Chicago. Growing up being a constant Lakers fan drew me to the obsession of this game. You must find what fuels you and pushes your self motives and inspirations, not just related to your career but related to your life. We live once and we all must make the most of it with the magic we are supplied with; at all costs.


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A Journey Uninterrupted

A long time coming, the year of 2015 has been one that has been everything between adventurous, explorational, spiritual, redefining and most remarkably; one full of trust.


BTS on an ABC Family Production. 

Collaborating is one of the reasons I love this industry, propelling your ideas and pushing others to define the craft that they have. Here I was photographing some BTS for a director on one of the ABC Family sitcoms. I got the privilege of working with some of the extras and photographing some looks of myself to incorporate later into the production.



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Stadium Series

This post is all about travel, places and spaces. I love sports more than anything because it’s a way for athletes to show their passion for something through their physical strengths and attributes.

The Walls of the World Champion Kansas City Royals.

The Walls of the World Champion Kansas City Royals.

The coliseums, or better known as main stage. Where an athlete steps on to showcase their passion for the love of a game, as I have a passion for my photography. As rock stars get ready to get on stage, an athlete does the same thing day in and night out. Putting all you have out on the main stage for the world to see is what some live for!

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It’s stage brings it’s own elements to the table. Creating the tone around the environment and drama needed for most sports stages. I have started this series a number of years ago, I would say this was the start where I photographed an MMA fight for Tactical forces.

Rogers Centre. Home of the Toronto Blue Jays.

Rogers Centre. Home of the Toronto Blue Jays.

Architecture for me is the beginning steps of just about any franchise. Take the Chicago Cubs for instance. Wrigley Field is such a magical place because of the people who have walked through there and the legends who brought the magic back to the ivy. It’s the people inside the walls who let the brick and mortar feel so special just by walking through the gates.


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Gone In A Flash

Over my years in this industry, the photographer life is one with many avenues. You never know where an assignment will take you in life. My most recent assignment took me to the “World’s Largest Corn Maze” which included a run/walk for participants. One of the fastest recorded times was close to 12 minutes. I believe the record was actually broke in seconds, but who am I to judge since no one was quick enough to catch the Flash except myself.

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Richardson Farms; World Champions Chicago Blackhawks CornMaze 2015; ©Sosaphoto2015

2015CornMazeLargeFull, Chicago Blackhawks, Richardson Farm, Champions, 2015, chicago

Richardson Farms; World Champions Chicago Blackhawks CornMaze 2015.

sosaphoto, austin sosa, austin sosa photography, flash, runner, corn maze, run, lets go run, communityevents, chicago, illinois

Gone In A Flash! ©Sosaphoto2015

Some of the best experiences I get is meeting the people who come to these sort of magical places. For me it’s about hearing those stories of why they came out that day and what makes memories like that so special to a family, a child or even from a dogs perspective. No matter the temperature (as cold as it got that day, close to low 30’s) there’s always a turnout. There’s the rest of society who chooses to sleep in and dream a little longer; however, as a photographer I choose to take that reality we have in front of us and transcribe it to create a dream like look. Whoever missed out will feel right in place with the rest of the explorers from that day. No matter the subject, the character or place it’s about recreating the dream so that each viewer is welcome to enjoy whatever endeavors they seek.

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Let’s Go Run, All Community Events Family Portrait; ©Sosaphoto2015

sosaphoto, austin sosa, austin sosa photography, flash, runner, corn maze, run, lets go run, communityevents, chicago, illinois, austin m sosa, austin sosa, austin m sosa photography

Pre-Run and race featuring jogger and dog getting ready for festivites. ©Sosaphoto2015


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"Truth", organization fighting against tobacco

The Truth“, organization fighting against tobacco

It’s projects like this that keep me going throughout the night. When you find a cause you care about and take it to great lengths it truly pays off. I myself, haven’t been much of a fan of smoking, the number of teenagers who start smoking and think it’s easy to quit is somewhat unbearable over the years, but has declined, thanks to “The Truth“. I was thankful enough to not care for cigarettes growing up. Being of cuban decent, cigars really run in our blood. After finding out my grandfather smoked cigars until his forties, it has made me more aware of the things that can endure on your body and to the others that are around the second hand.  No matter what you smoke, it’s smoke and it’s wearing down your lungs.

"Truth", organization fighting against tobacco

The Truth“, organization fighting against tobacco

Don’t ever feel content, projects should fuel you and become never ending.

Personal projects fuel me to get out of my comfort zone every once in awhile. Comfort is a tough word for some of us, I believe it’s the feeling to be content. Once someone feels content, it’s hard for them to break out of that comfort zone. As a photographer, what I’ve learned early is that you should never be content in your work. There’s always more to do to an image, a setting, a pre-visual, just about every area that includes a photograph.

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